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Dr Shane Ricketts

Shane experienced the power of Osteopathy firsthand after suffering a back injury at work. He happened to live with a roommate who was an Osteopath at the time. His roommate offered to have a look at him and treat him. To Shane’s amazement, he felt incredibly better after just one treatment. In that moment, he knew he had to learn more about the Osteopathic profession.

Shane opted to attend the renowned Victoria University in Melbourne, graduating in 2006. He has had the pleasure to work along side some very experienced osteopaths. Including working with Pili Munoz and Anthony Norrie at Stillpoint Osteopathic Centre in Auckland, one of New Zealand's largest paediatric osteopathy clinics. He also worked with leading cranial osteopath Maxwell Fraval at Canberra Osteopathic Centre, and then with George Stylian in Sydney. Shane has also been lucky enough to learn the Biodynamic osteopathy approach with Robyn Seamer and Manuela Da Rin.

Shane’s favourite part about working at Border Family Osteopathy is the ability to help children and families make positive changes in their lives while reducing pain and discomfort. He loves treating people of all ages, especially babies, children, pregnant woman and woman who are trying to conceive.

Each year, he participates in a minimum of 25 hours of continuing education courses. He also enjoys working with patients dealing with pregnancy pain, TMJ or jaw problems, and headache patients.

Outside of the practice, Shane enjoys teaching Qigong, meditation and mindfulness while also enjoying cooking, movies, reading and catching up with friends. Get to know more about Shane when you book your next visit with us.

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